iXsystems Launches R-Series Systems and Scale-out HCI Software

TrueNAS R-series models

iXsystems made two big announcements today with the launch of the new TrueNAS R-Series storage systems and the TrueNAS SCALE Open Source Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) software.

Meet the TrueNAS R-Series

The new R-Series includes four models, each featuring Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs and, according to iXsystems, are capable of delivering up to 100 Gbps of storage performance with the proper memory, processing, and networking configuration.

TrueNAS R-series

These are the four models added to the portfolio:

  • TrueNAS R50
    • Form Factor: 4U rackmount
    • Capacity: Up to 890 TB
    • This model can also scale-up to 3 PB and scale-out to 300 PB
  • TrueNAS R40
    • All-flash
    • Form Factor: 2U rackmount
    • Capacity: Up to 360 TB
  • TrueNAS R20
    • Form Factor: 2U rackmount
    • Capacity: Up to 230 TB
  • TrueNAS R10
    • All-flash
    • Form Factor: 1U rackmount
    • Capacity: Up to 120 TB

All models of the TrueNAS R-Series are compatible with all three of the TrueNAS software editions:

Pricing for R-Series models starts at around $4,000 USD.

TrueNAS SCALE Hyperconvergence

iXsystems also announced today the release of TrueNAS SCALE, its HCI platform for converged compute and scale-out Open ZFS storage. TrueNAS SCALE, a free, open-sourced project, backed by more than 250k users worldwide, adds Linux Containers, KVM, and scale-out ZFS storage capabilities.


It’s worth mentioning that TrueNAS SCALE is being released in its Alpha stage (codenamed “Angelfish”) and should not be used for production environments. The current roadmap indicates TrueNAS SCALE will be ready for production environments in Q2 of 2021, according to a recent post on their official blog.

By then, users can expect all major TrueNAS CORE storage and sharing features, plus several SCALE-specific features derived from the app’s Linux base.

If you’re wanting something to put in production now, it’s recommended you use TrueNAS CORE, as there are still many features in SCALE that have known issues, bugs, aren’t fully feature-complete, or are still in the early stages of development. But, for the enthusiasts amongst us, there are some verified features working in SCALE.

Here’s the current list of verified features, according to the official documentation:

  • Pool Management
  • SMB Shares
  • iSCSI Shares
  • NFS Shares
  • S3 Shares
  • AFP Shares
  • Online/Offline updating
  • Virtual Machines (Using KVM)
  • WebDAV
  • Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting

If your curious about the features currently in the provisional and experimental stages, you can read about them via the SCALE 20.10-ALPHA (Anglefish) release notes.

You can download TrueNAS SCALE now–just make sure you meet the 64-bit CPU and 8 GB RAM requirements. If you do download TrueNAS SCALE, you can keep track of the bug fixes made on the site’s changelog. If you happen to find bugs when using the software, you can contribute by reporting bugs on their Jira bugtracker.

A Word From the Executive VP

“TrueNAS is enabling a new era in Open Storage for businesses in every sector that have requirements for reliable, secure, and agile data access while removing the limitations of proprietary storage. TrueNAS systems and solutions democratize enterprise storage by providing best-in-class platform choices combined with Open Storage software to deliver ‘Storage Freedom’ and open Source economics to our customers around the globe.”

-Brett Davis, Executive VP, iXsystems